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What To Look For When Buying A Used Sea Container

Not all containers or sources of used sea containers are equal and we help you select the best container based on your needs. Some people are less price sensitive while other really care about how good a used sea container will look on their property. Do you have to store expensive or sensitive equipment in your container? Or maybe you just need to temporarily store files and a used sea container is the only option as your office is full. Follow a few tips and you can match your needs to the perfect container in no time.

Used Sea Container Size Selection - Be careful not to underestimate the square footage you will need as people often do. You can stack your stuff in a container but this can be difficult to do and if you ever need something you do not want to empty the entire container just to get a file. So if you do the measurements and you think that a 20 foot sea container will be just enough to store your items, we recommend that you go with a 40 foot container to account for packing difficulties, future storage needs and to avoid potential hassles. A 40 foot container also costs significantly less than two 20 foot containers which is what you would likely end up with if you underestimate at the start.

Fresh Paint - Many used sea containers still have huge logos from the shipper on them, odd colors like orange or bright blue that will not look good on your property, or paint that is significantly eroded. When discussing price you can negotiate a fresh paint job in a neutral color, or your own businesses colors. Repainting a container on your own can be a hassle and the seller likely has painting equipment readily available on the yard so they don't need to charge very much on top of the container cost.

Ignore Superficial Problems With The Container - We recommend ignoring the more superficial issues such as dings and dents, or scrapes on the floor of the inside of the container. These things are not very indicative of the quality of a container. Instead we recommend focusing on whether the doors open smoothly and properly, making sure the water seals are all functioning and that there is no mold inside the container.

When you need storage at your location nothing beats a used sea container. It is just like having a storage facility right on site at less than 1/10 of the cost. Get started today by picking up the phone or enter details and special requests into the form above.