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Tens of thousands of containers are retired from shipping fleets every year and Sea Container HQ helps people utilize these sea containers for storage that is completely portable. Why waste these extremely sturdy all steel containers when with a few touch ups they can serve your portable storage needs for decades to come? Most people have seen these containers on schools, behind stores or on construction sites where business owners have found that portable storage from sea containers is a more affordable option than most other forms of storage. Sea containers are perfectly suited for outdoor rugged environments and their all steel design provides a higher level of security than mostly wood and plastic boxes found at most portable storage companies. If you have equipment, furniture or anything you need to store on a temporary or permanent basis, use Sea Container HQ for the most affordable and reliable solution today.

Advantages Of Sea Containers For Storage

Convenience - No other portable storage option is as convenient for the medium to long term storage option. Sea containers are easily delivered anywhere you have the space. You can ask for doors on both ends or even on the side of the container for the ultimate in easy access right on your property.

Cost Advantages - Storing at a warehouse or with self storage can cost as much as double, and the longer you use a sea container for storage the more money you save.

Durability - Designed to withstand storms on the high seas, land based weather is no problem for all steel sea containers. They are very difficult to break into and can stay wind and water tight for twenty years or more. The typical used sea container is six to eight years old yet still has plenty of life ahead of it.

Portability - Sea containers offer the ultimate in portable storage as they only require standard flatbed trucks to move from job site to job site or whenever you need storage.

They might not work for people without land or space, but no other type of portable storage can match the the advantages that used sea containers provide.

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Frequently Asked Questions From Sea Container Buyers

Purchasing a sea container can be considered a long term investment as most people will own the container for many years. This makes choosing the right container and educating yourself important to make sure your container suits your current and future needs.

What does a sea container cost?

Buying a used sea container will cost anywhere from $1,000 for an old smaller (20 foot long) container up to $3,500 or more for a larger unit in better shape. The closer you are located to a major port the lower your sea container prices will be, all other things being equal. If you don't mind buying used vs. new then you are going to save at least 50% on the typical transaction.

Will water leak into my container?

Most sea containers are sold wind and water tight with all seals in working order. Look out for container sold "as is" as they will often require resealing. Sea Container HQ highly recommends only water tight containers, as water that creeps in will damage just about anything you need to store and creates an environment where mold and mildew can grow.

How do I maintain my container?

Great question, as proper maintenance will ensure your sea container lasts nearly a lifetime. The good news is that you need to do very little to keep your container in proper working order and your valuables safe. Again, it is rare for water seals to erode especially in normal working environments as these containers were built to withstand the high seas. If after a few years you spot rust damage, you can grind down the rust and paint over the affected area to return the container to like new. Other than that there is not much that you have to do.

Is there anything else that I need to purchase?

Most people (and businesses) do not have a flatbed truck so they do pay anywhere from $75 to $200 each way for container delivery depending on location and container size. Locks do not come standard but most sellers will offer it as an add on. If you are storing perishable items or are in an extremely hot environment you may want to consider adding ventilation to the top of your container to help release heat. Higher end customizations are available that include additional doors, roll up doors and more but these can add significantly to the cost of the container.

I purchase many containers every year, where can I learn more?

Many larger companies and retailers purchases a lot of containers every year for their different locations and it can help them stay on top of industry trends and know the best time to buy sea containers in a given year. For broad industry trends the World Shipping Council is a leader and there are multiple conventions you may want to check out every year as well and you can the one most convenient for you. Wesccon takes place in Southern California and can be found at